Friday, December 3, 2010


It has always been my belief that ugg boots are ugly... I’ve never understood why people clunk around in them all winter (AND summer sometimes) and think they look fashion forward and cute. They don’t. I have yet to see a pair I’d spend 12 bucks on let alone anything more then that.

Shockingly this morning, the foundation of my universe was shaken, I saw a couple types of ugg boots that are actually very own-able!* I want *wistful sigh* I’ll take the first pair in black, and the second in brown (never was big on brown suede in shoes, but brown leather looks great)

*assuming of course you have a boat load of extra money and don’t mind plunking down 300 bucks for a pair of boots.

** btw for those of you who always ask where to buy stuff I post... the photo's are links (Lady D).

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