Sunday, October 12, 2008

Seriously? Snow??!!

Holy smokes it's been cold. Yesterday the inlaws met us at the apartment before we all caravaned to Toele to watch the nephews weekly football game. Anyway before we left here I mumbled something about how the weather lady said the night before that it was supposed to rain and snow all day. My father in law said back that he really didn't think it was going to start until the afternoon, at which point we'd be safely back home.... Ironically when we got there we suffered through about 30 minutes of slushy wet crap falling from the sky before the wind pushed the storm past us and the sun came out (it was all of 48 degrees). It was actually a decent game too (they lost, 0-6).

The cold and rain and ickyness helped us realize that The Kiddo needs a new coat (the one he has we bought two years ago, it's sized 18 months and the sleeves are a tiny bit short on him... he grows SLOW). Anyway we gritted our teeth and went and found a coat for him at Target last night. If the Kiddo's coat doesn't fit he'll get sick and I'd rather spend the money on a coat then on medicine!! I'll take a picture sometime today and put it up for y'all to see.

We did get to watch the Utes game (we won, of course hehe, that makes 7 strait wins no losses woot!!).

Anyway we went to bed last night and woke up to find THIS:
The weather report says 39 degrees today with rain and snow showers. So far it's just gray so we'll see what happens. Still (here comes a small whine session) I'm NOT READY FOR SNOW. We've been having an unseasonably warm fall and I was super happy that it was 70 degrees or higher on very nearly a daily basis. And now it's 40 with snow?!!! *deep breath* They DO say that by the end of the week we should be back up to the upper 60's or low 70's so there's hope I suppose. *shiver*

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