Monday, October 20, 2008

it could be worse...

There are days when I feel sad, and a little upset about the challenges the Kiddo is going to face in life. He was born with his left eye's optic nerve severely underdeveloped (optic nerve hypoplasia). The bare bones basic result of that being that he can't really see out of that eye (though he can see decent out of his other). It isn't something that can be "fixed" not with glasses, and not with an operation, it is just the way he is. So sometimes when I watch him fly around the house with his arms spread making airplane sounds I think that it's crappy that he wont have the option to join the navy and be a fighter pilot. Etc. Etc.

I was browsing the news yesterday while watching Chance eat his lunch and I came across a local article about some parents who have a young baby daughter with ONH. They are trying to raise enough money to go over seas to China and get their daughter an operation to help her condition. My first thought was WHAT, there's IS an operation??!! Who, How, What, Why!!??!!

Then, after the initial shock I read further (and more thoroughly). Their daughter was born with ONH so severe she can't see at ALL. From either eye! That could have been us. The operation, it costs tens of thousands of dollars and it doesn't FIX the problem it just helps... maybe.

I can't help feeling blessed. Our wonderful perfect amazing son with his beautiful manners, and his quirky sense of humor. We are so fortunate that he only has the problem with one eye.

It's good to be reminded...

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