Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pretty In Black part II

This weekend I have a choice. Which might be less of a choice then I like (gas money being an issue lately).

I can either take The Man out east to go shoot with one of my best friends and her husband and get to be surrounded by the oranges and reds of fall in the canyons (if you haven't seen the Wasatch Mountains in the fall add it to your list of things to do before you kick it)

OR I can go to a range nearby, save on gas, miss out on the view and the great company [ :( ], but get to rent the pistol which I will, hopefully, soon own. If you'll recall in a previous post I mentioned going to a gunshow a couple weekends back. While there I did a little preliminary shopping and handled the Kimber I've been drooling after. I also mentioned in that same blog how The Man pointed out that the cost of the Kimber was quite a bit higher then the Glock, and if I was wanting to get a new pistol soon I'd be smarter to start cheaper. Possibly making the Kimber my "now I know what I'm doing again and can actually hit the damn target" reward. And I like that idea. Heck doesn't that kind of get me two pistols vs one? *grin*

Anyway I like the small size of the 27, it fits my hands well. Being the practiced shopper that I am though I really want to try it before I buy it to make sure it fits as well while firing as it does empty. A range with rentals is exactly what I need for that.

If I'm really really lucky I wont have to make a choice at all! Maybe we can hit the range on Friday and head out East on Sunday!

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