Sunday, October 19, 2008


You know how in your bills you get the spam mail cards to buy 90 pieces of a train for 60 bucks each over the course of 20 years (or something similar). I always chuck em without looking, I mean shoot I cringe while paying the bill, I'm not exactly in the position to be looking at adverts asking me to spend MORE money. Still, this one was soooo uber cute and I love m&m's (blame my mom, she's made me a hopeless addict for life). Anyway I pulled it and sighed about it for a bit.. then I thought that maybe the twin would like to sigh about it too so I'm posting it, specially for her (oh and my mom, who will probably think they are scary and odd looking.. especially red with his scowl and frowny mouth).

*click on the pic to link to the page where they are sold


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360_gandering said...

This is just wrong.
One must not confuse babies with yummy edibles. Have you seen what goes in the top end of a baby? Have you seen what comes out the other end? That's what babies are made of, not scrumptious protein bits surrounded by melt-in-your-mouth chocolate.
Depict the runts as pumpkins instead; the innards are then actually similar.


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