Monday, October 13, 2008

Yellow submarine

I must admit I've always had a little clothing envy towards the cyclists in those bright arsed neon yellow wind breakers. I LOVE bright colors... but, ahem, yellow makes me look dead. Yes, dead. A funny odd orangy shade of dead no less.

At any rate, it doesn't make the Kiddo look dead though it probably would if he was coated in it. Drenched in neon yellow and running rampant around the playground... But I'd be able to see him, and isn't that the most important thing??

So we bought him a yellow coat. Well actually it's a black coat, with bright neon yellow sleeves. Which The Man says are actually bright neon green sleeves... which makes me wonder if I'm loosing my eye sight as well as my mind... so, for your consideration a photo of said black/yellow/green coat (note the spiffy matching beanie and gloves *grin*)

Yeah, it's a bit big on him. It's a 3T (he wears a 2T). The Man has pointed out on several occasions that he's got a 2T body and a 4T head (*snort/giggle*) which is actually rather true. We had to get the 3T so the coats hood would come up over his head and actually cover it. We got the beanie to make sure his ears stay covered on windy days.

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