Saturday, October 4, 2008

Classy Diner

Today we went out East to Oakley and watched my nephew in law play football. His team isn't that great, and some of the kids don't ever actually show up to play (they show up to whine) but HE does and I fully support him in it. That means every Saturday we pack up the car with camp chairs, the pop up 12x12 canopy, the kiddo, and some snacks and drive a bajillion miles to watch them lose. But we do it with a smile and we tell him how fabulous he did at the end of every game so that he'll keep trying and keep getting better.

Today, as I said, we went out to Oakley. It was a really cute, really small, rather out of the way town. And it was cold as heck (49 degrees and raining!!) so I can't say I spent a lot of time absorbing the atmosphere. The best part of the afternoon was stopping at the local diner for lunch after the game. It was so very atmospheric... It's the Road Island Diner and was moved to Oakley (of all places) from New Jersey in 2007. If you want to read the whole history (which is kind of interesting) follow the link.

I love that they kept the whole thing authentically 1939 retro style. All except the fancy schmancy tv's on either end and the quarter juke boxes on each table.

I should say that they have some very yummy fry sauce and an outstanding grilled Reuben. YUM-O!!!

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