Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last week... no... the week before last... I was so bored I decided to try my hand at making my nephew a muff for his hands. They get really cold on the bad weather football days. Anyway I gave it to him and he was, well, lets just say he was underwhelmed.

Sad but not deterred (as I am still trying to avoid the real work on pinning and cutting the next pattern) I set about making my niece one. I love hers, if it was bigger I'd just keep it for me!

I did the outside in a dark red water repellent fabric. The cuff on the inside is a brown fur and the inside fabric is a rainbow pastel fleece with a thin pink cotton pocket for a hand warmer (to keep it extra snugly).

***as with nearly all photo's in my blog these pictures are "click it to big it"s

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Nette said...

I'm thinking I want one of these very snuggly things. Did you post it on your etsy page?


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