Friday, October 24, 2008

random weekend junk

... weekends stink for my readers. I don't post much on them because I'm actually out of the apartment doing things, though the things I'm doing are not usually spectacular or enviable. I tend to hope you are doing something far more exciting then what I'm doing.
My big news today is that I sold yet another Wild Things Costume!! Yes you read that right, that makes three costumes sold. I'm in awe. I now have to quick finish up the one Chance gets before Halloween...

Today we drove about and window shopped to find the kiddo some mickey ears, we'd like to go shooting more often (the man would love the practice though I think he could hit the black on a target one handed with his eyes closed). Anyway finding a sitter for the kiddo is not as easy as you'd think... sooo we're going to try (yes try) to strap him in his stroller, get his ears protected, and have one adult with him (staying FAR back) while the other adult puts lead down range. We shall see if this plan works, or if we are completely bonkers for trying.

On a big fun thing we did manage to squeeze in today (for those of you who might appreciate it) was swinging past Kohls to ogle my dream shoes. I love plaid, and I love purple and oooh they are cute! Of course everybody else apparently likes them too because they only had three pair in stock (a 10, a 6 and a 7). *sigh*

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