Wednesday, November 3, 2010

C'est voila - Presto!

My dad got my Grandma a Presto printer. I have been really excited about it since he told me he was going to mid August. She now has it, and has it all set up, and I can email her letters WITH pictures in them... they print out at her end and she has an instant letter from me.

The best part is that not only can I now write her whenever I feel the urge (I plan on writing her twice a week, wednesday'ish and saturday'ish) but I also don't feel guilty for not hand writing the letters. And it emails me back a confirmation of the letter delivery, with a picture to show me how it looked printed out. Super cool.

So I suppose this is my blogosphere thanks to my dad for making it so easy to do. And my blogosphere advert to those of you who read my blog but aren't family, if you have somebody in your life who doesn't do email and you wish you wrote them more often... well this thing is super easy and super great.

Oh and those of you that ARE family... write Grandma a letter! Betcha she'd love to hear about your life/dog/cat/house/job... whatever the heck :)

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