Monday, November 29, 2010

Finding Spirit

This year the Kiddo is really into Christmas. He’s been talking about it for over a month and asking me over and over again when we will be putting up our tree. So, since I’ve been a little grinch’y, I thought I’d go ahead and get the decorating done. That way the Kiddo is happy and hopefully I find a little holiday spirit.


So, I put up some tinsel on the railing outside the front door, a wreath, a Santa and an angel.


Put the mini trees, lights, and tinsel on the balcony. Then I spent several minutes staring at it wishing for snowflakes to hang from the roof. I planned to get some last year but never had the extra cash, maybe this year…


While I put up the indoor tree the Kiddo put together his bedroom tree. He really loves that he gets one of his “own”. He put it on the dresser next to his bed, along with his Santa tree house. He also got to pull out for his bed, his little soldier dog that grannie gave him a couple years ago.


This weekend is the Christmas Tree Festival. I think we are going to try to go, it’s 15 bucks for the family but I think it’ll be worth the cost. Then next weekend (hopefully Friday) we will head down to Cabalas to visit Santa. Usually we go the weekend before Christmas but this year the Man has Fridays off so unless something really random happens we should actually be able to get Christmas cards WITH Santa pictures out in time to make it to their destinations before Christmas day.

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