Friday, November 5, 2010

Say Cheese!

I'm sure you all remember my post a few weeks ago asking if you thought I should spend 13 bucks on school pictures or not. I knew the Kiddo wouldn't smile his real smile, not unless the photographer had some magic trick up his sleeve... then again, I kind of expect kids photographers to have a lot of practice with kids like the Kiddo so a real smile shouldn't have been that much to ask for, after all cheese-ball plastered on fake smiles are normal with little boys. I don't know where they learn it, it must be in that male chromosome.

I decided to do it, I figured all the people telling me that even a bad picture would be a funny memory were right...

Anyway, the results are in:
It's not as bad as I was afraid it would be, but really not as good as I hoped for. And for some reason I can't get it to scan without it looking dusty... maybe they do something special with their paper (is that even possible?). So to get an 8x10 for the Mans' mom we'll either have to give her a dusty looking copy or order one *sigh*. The good news is I can copy them fine in smaller sizes so I've got what I need for my side of the family (unless my mom is completely random and decides she would like a full sized copy).

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