Monday, November 8, 2010

Christmas thoughts already?

We have Netflix. I hate spending the money on it, but since we don't have cable and can never afford to go OUT to see movies I figure it's a trade off that should be acceptable even to the most hard core budget nazi so I do it.

Anyway, many weeks ago I rented Astro Boy for the Kiddo. Generally I have a grown up movie and a kid movie that way when the Man and I finally get an evening we have something to watch, and the Kiddo has something appropriate for him for the days when he decides he'd rather watch a movie then his normal morning cartoons*.
He has watched this movie every single day since then. He is obsessed with having a blue core, he's told me that I really need to go to the store in the sky and buy him one. When I explain that the car doesn't fly so we can't go up there he says (very matter of fact) that daddy needs to buy a car that can fly then because a blue core will make him big and strong so he can climb and fly like the best boys. Sometimes I wonder about my kid...

This morning I told him that it is time to send the movie back. I explained that there are other really good movies out there. And I told him I would print out a picture of Astro Boy that he can put on his wall if he would like. He agreed, and asked to watch the movie one last time before we sealed it up. Then, as I poored my second cup of coffee for the day, I heard his little voice:

Kiddi: Mom, does Santa go to stores and then to houses?

Me: er, why would Santa go to stores?

Kiddo: To buy the toys for the kids.

Me: Um, well Santa has a workshop and tons of little elves, they make all his toys.

Kiddo: Oh! So do elves make movies?

Me: ummmmm... Lets put it this way, if it's a toy then the elves make it for him. If it's a movie then the little shopper elf girl runs to the store and buys it.

Him: okay, so if I ask Santa for the Astro Boy movie he can give it to me.

Ah, I should have known. Good thinking ahead on the kiddo's part. I think Santa might be able to find a copy of that movie for a pretty inexpensive price. Guess we'll have to wait and see!

*I know you all aren't judging that I let the tv babysit him every morning but I'm going to say this in my defense anyway; when you have to force your (almost always hungry) kiddo to wait an hour to an hour and a half before letting him eat breakfast it's easier to give him the choice of distracting himself with tv rather then having him ask every five minutes if it's time for breakfast yet.

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Taggart said...

"Back in my day we didn't HAVE tv to distract the kids. We had to shove them in a room or closet and lock the door!"
...seriously. I think some people forget the alternatives. Although, after working with kids for so long, the closet-option doesn't seem all THAT bad...


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