Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We went to Walmart the other day to get a slow leak in one of our tires fixed. It took a ridiculous 90 minutes for them to do, meanwhile the kiddo and I wandered around and looked at all their clearance Halloween stuff. I resisted the urge and did not buy more then two bags of candy, 80% of which is in the freezer! We also wandered around the toy section and the Kiddo pointed out all the toys he wanted. Like this one:
It was priced at $30 bucks. After we got home I looked it up on Amazon and it is $56 there. There was only one on the shelf at walmart and even though I don't have the funds I find myself wondering if it's still there...

After we got home it was time for lunch. The Kiddo said he wanted to make his sandwhich by himself, he was very adamant that I did NOT get to help (aside from removing lids of course).
Let me just say that it made for a very sticky knife, and spoon, and hands, and counter, and um peanut butter jar (oddly the jelly jar didn't get sticky).

Later in the day the kiddo did his thing and earned a treat, for it I let him pick two pieces of Halloween candy. He picked a dum dum and a pixie stick. He knows "how" to eat pixie sticks but he has trouble (he always ends up getting the end wet, which gets the sugar wet, which clogs it up). This time he asked for a bowl... next thing I know this is what I was seeing:
Needless to say I was so proud I almost burst... and after my first thought (which was "holy cow he really IS my kid!!) I thought "his grannie would be so proud". I wonder if she is :D


C said...

Proud? Hah! I expect that kind of innovation from my family ;-)

And maybe I should reconsider Wal-Mart as a place to shop. Your 90 minutes to fix a leak sounds better than the three hours it took BigO to install four new tires for me. At least Wal-Mart has the excuse that patching is not a big money maker for them.

Gwyneth said...

Guess I should stop complaining, I'll take 90 minutes over 3 hours any day!! ... Plus at least I had a bunch of stuff to wander around looking at (tires and rims aren't exactly stimulating visual time killers).

Taggart said...

I'm always surprised when you say something like "He was so adamant about doing it himself, that I let him."
How is it, that as a parent, you haven't taken the opportunity to be mean and spiteful, just to see his reaction? "Oh, you'll do it yourself, will you? Well I'll just lock up the jelly in this combination-safe then - NOW try to do it yourself."

Or at least, I'd make him clean it up.

This is why I'll only have one kid if I have children. You can only be spiteful to one kid at a time.

Gwyneth said...

Ha Taggart, I kind of thought the same way but by the time he was done making the mess (er I mean making the sandwich) I just wanted him out of the kitchen ... plus kids cleaning jelly sticky usually ends up being kids smearing jelly sticky lol


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