Sunday, November 21, 2010

Four Feet / One Foot

I posted about a month ago about our first snow fall of the year. It’s always a bit of an event for me because I love snow, the fluffy white stuff is what makes the cold of winter worthwhile.

11-21-2010 first real snow (1)

Cupcake seems to agree for the most part. She loves to run and play in it… pouncing around like a rabbit on speed,making and throwing her own snowballs with her nose, tunneling through and popping up a few feet further then where she dove in…

11-21-2010 first real snow (5)

What she doesn’t like is using the bathroom out in it. She hates it, in fact she has, so far, refused to do it. “First snow” back a month ago and we were able to find somewhat clear spaces under trees for her to use. Last night we got approximately a foot of it (up to the top of her back in most places and above her head in others). She can’t find any place she’s willing to try, she wont even go on the sidewalk!! I hope she figures it out quick because it’s going to be a miserable bunch of days until she does.

Meanwhile I have pretty things to look at, all covered in white, and I may just manage to pull some holiday spirit out of things yet.

11-21-2010 first real snow (4)

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Lady D said...

reminds me of Aura lol so cute!!!! I love snow, miss it a lot, cant wait till I get actual winters again (even if Rob doesnt think I can handle the cold part).


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