Saturday, November 20, 2010

Five weeks…

Every day the Kiddo writes his alphabet, lower case, twice. Then at the bottom of the paper he writes a sentence. This week one of his sentences was “only six more weeks until Santa is here.” Then on the back of the paper he draws a picture to represent his sentence. (btw the numbers up were him showing how tall the sleigh is, and yes his 7 is backwards).


I realized, as I looked at his drawing, that Christmas is getting awfully darn close and I better get on top of a few things quick. The Man tends to do weird things to his head when December “family picture” time rolls around, I think he likes to test my patience.. Anyway I plan on trying to do the family picture earlier then usual this year in the hopes that I can get them done while we all look normal. My thought for this year is to have the Man in black, me in a red shirt, and the Kiddo in green.

Of course this year we also have CC… when I asked the Kiddo what she should wear he said she needed to be an elf. Hmmm….

11-18-2010 cupcakes elf costume (1)

How about a $2.50 doggie elf costume (love Target). She looks so miserable, but she actually tolerates it pretty well. The Kiddo is over the moon excited that we have it for her to wear. He says she is the most perfect dog in the whole world. I think the cost is more then worth the smile we get every time he sees the picture.


Lynsey, Rob, Nate, and Brynn said...

He is doing great! Good job mama (and chance)

C said...

You are not seriously going to have the Man and little elf pup in the same photo?! I have got to have a copy of that one. It would be even better if the Man was the one holding the pup, but I suppose the Kiddo wouldn't go for that :-D


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