Monday, November 1, 2010

passing through - one holiday down

Well Halloween is finished. It's one of my favorites but not at the top of the list... it would be but society has ruined it quite a bit. This year it was "mandated" that kids do trick-or-treating on Saturday instead of the actual day of Halloween. Let me just say, in the largest understatement of the year, that made me a tad unhappy. Not only did the stupid day switching cause us to not be able to do our usual walk through the mall (where the Kiddo could show off his costume and look at all the other kids showing off theirs) but it also caused this:

That's a lot of rain poring down on our heads. And what is the kiddo saying in that second picture? I asked him if he was having any fun at all and he said no. I asked him if he was a tiny bit happy and he said no. I said not even a little happy? And he said NO, the weather is miserable and I'm not happy. The good news is he wasn't sulking, he was just letting me know that he didn't like the way things were going.

So we gave up on Jordan Commons and headed to grandma's house.
Fortunately the rain had already finished there so the Kiddo was able to hit the neighborhood. He started enjoying himself after house number four, and by house number 8 he was really excited. Everybody thought he was so cute (plus they weren't seeing many younger kids) so they kept giving him extra candy...
When we finished up he had a full bag and a happy face. Grandma fed him a corn dog and rolls and I think he had a good day.

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C said...

I'm glad the evening got better. It was bad enough that his school parade was blah-ed by him not feeling well, he shouldn't have a yucky T or T night also.

(From what I've read online, it isn't just conservative/religious communities that are decreeing when T or T can happen. Lots of towns are having to regulate it to prevent it from becoming several days of many hours of young people begging at strangers' doors. I hear that in Ashland, Kentucky they felt that kids walking door to door on Saturday evening wouldn't be good - what with parties and all - so they did it either Thursday or Friday. Some places insist it end before dark. Each neighborhood has to figure out what works best for the most people involved, and I guess that has to include the folks who spend all day Sunday doing church stuff.)


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