Wednesday, January 19, 2011

new blog

A long time ago my little brother started an online journal he didn't write in it very often, I understand that, the habit is hard to form (not to mention the motivation). Recently he started writing more, he said he had a goal to write daily, which he struggled with so changed it to writing at least a few times a week. He wanted to force himself to actually write!! And he thought by telling his journal readers that he'd write such and so number of times he'd actually do it.

I started this blog two years ago, I started with the goal to write daily. I wanted the blog to be a mix of everything that is my life, nothing fancy just me. Peeks inside the corners of life and mind, and my audience is you (friends and family). I don't have any readers who don't fall into one of those categories, which I'm more then okay with as the stuff I write would bore the insanity out of anybody who couldn't relate to it on a personal level.

I have the habit of writing now. I write at least every other day, sometimes twice a day. I skip weekends (for the most part) and am not as good at writing on long holidays.

All of this rambling is my long way of introducing you to a friends new blog, Lucky Coyote Lingo. She's a writer, and started her blog (I think) for the same sort of reasons that my little brother has his journal, to help stretch her writing skills, and share her thoughts on random writing related things. Who knows what her blog will turn into (baby blogs evolve on their own it seems and don't always turn into what they were created to be.. best laid plans and all that).

Today was her second blog post and she wrote about Fairytale heroins, she's always been bugged by the weak 'a man will save me' attitude of some of the more classic fairy tale females. I enjoyed Cinderella and when I watch it that helpless woman isn't what I see (but then I was always looking at the beautiful coach and dress and fancy shoes). My Friend saw a damsel in distress who can't seem to lift a finger to help take care of herself, and jumps at the chance to have a man rescue her. I saw the ultimate love story, with ever after being my life goal (love, marry, till death do us part).

What do you think?


C said...

(disclosure: I don't care about the Cinderella story ... I love the Disney movie version for the critters.)

When you read stories set in other times, you should evaluate the characters based on what the reality was for that time. Cinderella was not a modern day girl with access to books and videos about survival alone in the woods if she chose to leave her stepmother's house. She did not live in a time when a woman alone could open a business in town and support herself.

So this story is not about a helpless female needing a male to support her, because in those days that was a given (the stepmom lived on what Cinderella's dad had left her). Cinderella's story is about how she maintained a sweet nature in spite of overwhelmingly negative surroundings, and how that sweet nature was rewarded by winning the heart of a kindly prince instead of some creep lowlife who would rather beat her, cheat on her, or hang out in the tavern drunk than spend his time earning a decent living for the two of them.

It's a morality story about how what goes around, comes around, and how living a life that is good will earn you good karma that may pay off one day.

Gwyneth said...

That's a very good point C, environment played a very big part of those stories. And for the record, I loved the animals too, the mice especially :)

Lady D said...

where is my Like button :)


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