Friday, January 14, 2011

Dear Uncle T

I forgot to post this picture/story. The Kiddo’s uncle sent him some fuzzy pants from Korea, I think they are absolutely adorable. Of course The Man wasn’t quite as pleased, pink?? really?? Lets hope the Kiddo doesn’t do any sleep overs …


The orange ones, on the other hand, are great! Yeah they’re a little girly but the Kiddo LOVES them. He loves all things soft and cuddly (that red shirt in the family picture? it’s fuzzy fleece and it’s his favorite shirt). Not only do these pants get soft and cuddly points, but they all get “dog picture” points, and he thinks it’s kinda cool that the dog is half on one leg and half on the other. They are a little big on him, I had to roll the top down to get them to fit… I’m thinking they’ll last longer if I stick them in ‘storage’ until next winter (when they should fit). Maybe I’ll let him wear them on super cold mornings every now and then until then.

I have pajama pants envy, I love those pink ones (if my hips were smaller I’d squeeze into them and call them capris). I think we might wrap them and let the Kiddo give them to his cousin for her birthday this April (if that’s okay with Uncle T?), I’m pretty sure she would love them and think the pink monkeys perfect.

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Taggart said...

aw...the picture is cute, but it IS obvious that they're too big.
i wish there were more options on sizes.
adults are all about the same size here too...taller or shorter, but they aren't concerned about the cuffs too much. bizarre. hopefully he still likes 'em when they fit.
and yeah, put the pink ones to use. hopefully she likes 'em!


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