Thursday, January 27, 2011

self serving

The Kiddo was up late this morning. It was just shy of 9 when he came shuffling out of his room. That meant his meds were late and so by the time he was able to eat breakfast he was (according to him) starving:

Him: Mom can I have breakfast? I need food!

Me: sure bud what do you want?

Him: (opening the fridge) I dunno let me see….

Him: (mumbling to himself) oh HEY maybe this, do you think she’ll let me eat it? Maybe if I ask…

(he took the leftover pizza out of the fridge and turned bright hopeful eyes to me)

Him: Mom, can I have pizza for breakfast?

Me: sure, why not…

1-27-2011 pizza for breakfast (1)1-27-2011 pizza for breakfast (2)

I didn’t realize he’d eat all three pieces. He did. In between bites he told me “I’m a hungry, hungry, kid mom, you should feed me more often”

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