Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Every month, once a month, we get the Kiddo’s refill on his growth hormone shots. They usually call me about a week before he’s due to run out, and we set up a day for me to expect UPS to drop of the medication. We get two shot pens, a box of alcohol wipes, and a baggie of needles. We also get a ‘playing card’ which has a round leap frog sticker on it.

1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (1)

The Kiddo gets to put the little sticker onto Busters back pack. When six stickers are on the pack he picks a prize and we send in the card. Last month we finally put the last sticker on his card.

The Kiddo thought hard, and finally picked. He was positive, and very excited, so we stuck a stamp on it and sent it in. Two weeks later (give or take) and UPS delivered his box…

1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (2)……1-18-2011 caremark reward leap (3)

He named the frog Leap and he loves it. It’s really soft and snuggly and it’s kerchief has a picture of a frog on it with the words “leap frog”. Now we’ve started another card and in Five months or so we will have another filled card and get to pick another prize.

Daily shots stink, he mans up for them but he still hasn’t gotten used to them enough to not tense up so they pretty much always hurt a little. It really helps that he can SEE the progress of his growth on his growth chart, and that he knows how proud we all are of him (extended family included). But from the grin on his face as he lifted the frog from it’s shipping box, I gotta say that I think it helps that he also gets free random gifts out of it (at least for now).

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