Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week 1–Cto5K

Welcome Scan

Day One (Monday) –

  • Try one, utter fail!!
    • First point, tripping over a dog when you aren’t used to running kinda stinks. Wont take her with me again until I get slightly better at things.
    • Second point, jeans are good for the pockets (where else do I put the house key and cell phone?) but they are awful for running in. Not much to fix that though, I either find some sort of running pack or I learn to deal with it.
  • Try two, got it done!! Running for 60 seconds is a lot harder then it sounds. Thank GOD for the 90 seconds of walking in between. (ouch my lungs hurt).

Day Two (Wednesday) -

  • Dropped the Kiddo off at school. Snowing off and on and colder… so I hit the work out center (and treadmill) vs being outside. I actually think I prefer the treadmill to outside, I have less to worry about (no hills, traffic, etc) so I can tune out a little more which makes the running part easier. I think the only drawbacks to the treadmill are the creepy guy who kept watching me (while he waited for the office lady to get back from her lunch), changing the speed from walking to running, and stepping off the machine at the end (I had some serious vertigo!).

Day Three (Friday) -

  • Ow. And not an ow because the running was hard, but an ow because my heel hurts like a son-of-a… It felt fine after running Wednesday, but yesterday after I took the dogger on a brisk 30 minute walk I noticed a pain on the upper sides of my heel. Sort of like a bruise, and this morning it was still here. To test out whether I should run I took the dog with me to drop the Kiddo off at school. We walked home (about a 15 minute walk) and by the time we were back to the apartment things felt fine so I decided to try it. Running was not a good experience, I made it through the full 20 minutes but only barely and I was really limping afterword.
  • After spending several hours searching for “pain in the inside of the heel just below the ankle bone” I’ve determined that I’ve probably got a tendon issue (Posterior tibialis tendonitis) and that being the case I’m quitting Cto5k for a week or so. I’m frustrated but resigned, I hope I can find the motivation to try this program again later on down the road.

This morning things really hurt still, the good news is I have these great green slip on shoes and they support the sides of my feet enough that it helps keep it all stable. I'm still shuffling around like a 100 year old but I see things getting better... now if only the Man hadn't lost our entire stash of Ibuprofen before leaving...

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Siobhan Muir / Meg Palevich said...

Find yourself some Traumeel or Tiger balm or even BenGay to take care of the strain - then rest, rest, rest. Tendons are soft tissue and take longer to heal because we don't think "it's that bad". Take care of yourself!


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