Monday, January 17, 2011

Could today be the day?

I'm planning it, I'm motivating... I mentioned that one of my resolutions was to do the Cto5k program. And then, I think, I mentioned that I wasn't going to start it until February (due to wanting to do it with the Man and some scheduling conflicts, on his part, this month).

Then I realized, as I took the dog for a 15 minute walk around the complex yesterday, that there's only ONE treadmill in the exercise room. So if I do it with the Man and we try to do it at the same time (actually doing it together) we're done before we even start.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I might as well get rid of my silly excuses and just START the thing. I can do it on my own, and then when he's ironed out his schedule a bit better he can start. I can still go with him, but for now I can do the bike or something while I keep him company, nobody said two cardio sessions in one day was a bad thing.

Weather bug says it's 45 degrees outside, yesterday was about the same with rain... so the streets and sidewalks are clear. Perfect for day one of torture. Besides week one looks easy anyway (*fingers crossed*).

I'll try to do weekly updates, and I plan to have my running days be Mon, Wed, and Fri (while the kiddo is in school). Anybody want to do it with me?? (lady D?? Auntie Ph?? ... )


C said...

I'll wish you luck ... and stick to my yoga vid. I'll just mention, though, that if you take the dog with you on your run/walk you should keep an eye on her to make sure that the speed over time is not tiring for her (judged by how ready she is to stop when you do, not by how eager she is to run when you run - because even a tired dog will run with the pack and look happy about it). Tired puppies can damage their joints that haven't fully developed yet.

Heather Maw said...

Way to go! I've been considering starting this as well, but am terrified! I am soooo not a runner.

Gwyneth said...

Thank you C, I kept feeling guilty for not wanting to take her (she does LOVE to run)... realizing that she's probably to young to run that long means I can feel good about the decision not to take her AND I can get to where I can actually run (vs stagger) before she comes so I have a lot less chance of tripping over her and breaking myself.

Heather, it IS scary. I didn't want to know/admit how bad my stamina was, and I didn't want to deal with the pain of doing it. But I think if I can keep motivated and DO it I'll feel a LOT better about myself.

Taggart said...

oi. maybe i'll join you. i don't need any machines, do i?

...'cept the first week's routine looks a bit boring. where're the ninjas and/or pirates? where're the death defying stunts?

Gwyneth said...

Taggart you were actually the first person I thought of (and those toe shoes heh) but I didn't know if there was a place you could run over there on the other side of the world so that's why I didn't mention your name :)


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