Saturday, January 8, 2011

Almost six, doctors, and babies

The Kiddo is almost six years old, can you believe that?? I realized it the other day, I mean really thought about it, and I had to sit down. Where does the time go? When do they go from being tiny little babies to big kids who barely fit in your lap? I suppose I should be a little thankful for his growth issues, I’ve had more years of him fitting in my lap then most moms do.

1-8-2011 reading

Speaking of growth issues, yesterday was the Kiddo’s Endocrinologist appointment. The last time he went was in October, he was 36.2 lbs and 40.9 inches tall. This month (three months later give or take a few days) he is 38.4lbs and 41.35 inches. That’s just under half an inch, and not much for growth considering we’re used to over an inch, and I was concerned.

I do like the Kiddos doctor but he is the kind of guy who likes to gloss over the bad while fixing it. Rather then telling me if having such a low amount of growth over the past three months is bad or not, he kept saying how great it is that the Kiddo has grown a little over two inches since the appointment before that one, six months ago. I grit my teeth, the Man is much better at forcing the doc to answer questions then I am. Regardless he did look to fix it by upping the kiddo’s shot dosage from .7 to .8 mg. With that we should see an improvement on his growth rate by his next visit in March.

Other then that visit went great, Doc is really happy with how the Kiddo looks and his other medication doses stay the same. We will have another bone x-ray done the month before his next visit in April, as well as blood work to check levels.

And to add a random note to the bottom of this (you’ll see the connection when you finish reading through it)…

A few weeks ago, just before Christmas, the Kiddo was cuddling before bed. Randomly he asked me when his baby sister was going to come. I didn’t know what to say so I stammered a bit and finally settled on telling him that God has her, and he has to decide when it is that she can come and join our family. The Kiddo said that she needed to come now though and somebody should tell God to bring her. So I said that was what prayers were for, that he could ask God to bring her, but that we would still have to wait until God decided it was the right time.

Then we went to his room to tuck in and as I left the room he stopped me before I closed the door, he told me that that God has a bus full of babies, and on that bus is a baby girl with black hair who is just WAITING to be part of our family... and that we just have to keep asking God to bring her to us because he really really wants a sister.

So yesterday in the doctors waiting room we met a very cute little girl. She was 12 months old, with blond hair and the cutest dimples when she smiled. She was right behind us in line and the Kiddo asked if he could play with her, I told him no (she was too small) but that he could talk to her if he wanted just NO touching. So he crouched down and started talking to her. He told her his name, and that he was 5, and how the doctor was going to tell him how tall he was… And then He spent a good couple minutes telling her all about how he was going to have a baby sister kind of like her, except his sister was going to have dark brown hair etc etc

Of course then I had to explain to the waiting room full of parents, all looking at me, that I was not, in fact, pregnant but that the Kiddo just really wanted a sibling and was determined if he talked about it often enough he’d get one.

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Lady D said...

yup baby Jasmine and Troy are on that bus. I wish god would hurry up and get to the bus stop already. All this waiting is getting old.

Love the pic of him reading btw, the outfit is awsome!


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