Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year New Challenges

We’re into it now, five days at least. And already we have seen some of the challenges for the year to come.

The Kiddo loved his first day back at school. Mrs. S gave all the kids a pencil box and a box of crayons. She also gave them a roll of smarties if they turned in their site words list (The Kiddo did). I wasn’t sure if he would be happy to be back in school or not so I saved the gingerbread house my in-laws gave him to do as an after school project (that’s my story anyway).

1-4-2011 gingerbread (1)…….1-4-2011 gingerbread (2)

Day two he came home with his very first spelling list! I’m excited. Working on reading is great but I feel like we really need to have something new to work on, something that’ll really challenge him. Of course there’s always hand writing (his is awful still), we are still doing the alphabet, daily, but my mom suggested I also have him work on lines and circles… genius. I don’t know why I hadn’t been doing that already, after all letters ARE lines and circles. He couldn’t quite get the concept of a pipe (overlapping circles) so I had him do lollipops instead. We’ll work our way up to pipes.


And can I say that he already knows how to spell this weeks words. Pop quiz him any time you like and he’ll spit em out like they’re his own name. I can’t wait to see what four spelling words he gets to do next week!!

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Taggart said...

Yes, it sounds like "my mom" was considering the possibility that part of the trouble stemmed from a lack of fine motor skills.

Now, if you have to work with him anyway, why not challenge yourself also? Get some glass and two white-board markers, and while you write backwards he can write forwards and copy your writing.

And spelling.

Which means you better bone up on both. :D ...just an idea. Remember: Albert Einstein wrote backwards when he lectured, so that students didn't have to look through him.


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