Monday, January 31, 2011


The Man is in the Navy Reserves, which means at least once a year he takes a trip to do training. When he does he’ll be gone for at least two weeks and the Kiddo really misses him. The day before the Man leaves we all go into the Kiddo’s room and look at his calendar, we take a crayon and circle the day the Man will be back home, and the Kiddo crosses off the days as they pass.

Generally we have a couple sleep overs where the Kiddo brings his stuffies and spends the night in my room. He’s always been something of a night owl so we talk and sing lullabies until he’s wound down enough to go to finally sleep. It’s fun for me to see the things he does to entertain himself when the lights are out, hand puppets and having his stuffies talk to each other.

1-29-2011 sleepover (1)

(the flash was so bright he squinched his eyes as I took the picture, he was having a conversation with his giraffe about how it’s okay to be afraid of the dark).

This most recent trip we decided to try something new, Skype chat. We weren’t sure how it would work, the Kiddo loves to video chat but the Mans computer doesn’t have very good sound so they end up doing video with typing instead of speaking.

I can only say that it’s incredibly surreal watching my 5 year old boy having a typing conversation back and forth on a computer. He takes awhile to hunt and peck, and his spelling is awful (I help, spelling the words out loud for him, when he lets me) but he's talking with his Daddy and he loves it.

1-28-2011 skype chat with kevin

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