Monday, January 10, 2011

A 'Relaxing' Weekend

The Kiddo had a good weekend. He spent Saturday at the in-laws with the Man watching the Seahawks game. He also spent quite a bit of time playing his new leapfrog explorer (given to him by the in-laws).

1-9-2011 relaxing (1)

He loves that thing!! It’s a touch screen hand held game system, and all the games/ebooks/etc you can get for it are made for learning. So even when he spends two hours sitting on his butt he’s working on his reading, or math, or writing even.

I spent the weekend feeling a bit sick, and the dog spent it being lazy. I think she likes this under 20 degree weather we’ve been having even less then I do.

1-9-2011 relaxing (2)

The bad news with that is I end up fighting her for the sun squares on the floor. I finally just covered up in a blanket on the couch and let her have it…

The Man spent the weekend being productive... he took the vehicle in for it’s emissions testing so we could register it. We’ve had a few problems with sensors the last few years so we held our breath that it would pass. It didn’t… But being the smart guy he is, the Man brought home the fail codes and looked them up on the internet. That told him where to look to find out what caused them. It wasn’t pretty... apparently our DPFE sensor was fried (literally).


But he’s just handy enough with tools that he was able to fix it himself. 55 bucks later he had new hose and a new sensor, and had it all put back together the way they should be. Looks a lot better doesn’t it?

So now we have a well rested dog, a happy (smarter) kid, a slightly more healthy me, and a registered vehicle. I think that makes for a pretty good use of a weekend.

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