Thursday, January 20, 2011

Theologically* speaking

Is chocolate, chocolate? Does all chocolate taste the same?

I don't mean the obvious, the percent of cocoa to sugar, or the flavorings. If you take two chocolate bars from two different countries with the same cocoa ratio would they taste similar (both use the cocoa bean right?).

What if it was made from a "new" cocoa bean... what then? Would the chocolate taste different?

If I had a little more money I think I'd need to buy some and try it just to see. That and I've never actually tried a chocolate covered cocoa bean before, I wonder if it's anything like a chocolate covered coffee bean?

*Can I even use a religious word to reference a debate on chocolate? I say yes, so I did... but that doesn't help me shake the tiny bit of guilt I have that you word'y people will be shaking your heads at yet another instance of me butchering the language.


Taggart said...

Well if coffee WAS your religion, then you'd be perfectly fine.
Or perhaps you were being theoretical.
But because you invited critique, I'll suggest that perhaps you meant "Theoretically Speaking"

Gwyneth said...

no, no, I MEANT theologically, cuz to some people chocolate IS religion (mmmm m&m's)


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