Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Timer - update

So the timer continues to work at home, though now that he's used to it he does occasionally forget and let himself get distracted... yesterday he was writing his alphabet, he got all the way to y and then started goofing off, the timer buzzed before he got the Z written. He jumped a foot and looked so guilty. I told him he could try again if he wanted, but no rewards if he can't focus and finish BEFORE playing... he said he was sorry and that he really did want to try again because he knew he could do it. And he did it perfectly the second time through.

But in school the Kiddo is still struggling. He says he tries to imagine a timer in his head but his brain gets tired and he can't do it. We will, of course, keep working at home with it... There hasn't been time for him to get in the habit of thinking that way so to expect him to magically fix in school when there's nothing to remind him to focus is really not fair. The timer we got him to use at home is far to noisy to even consider asking Mrs S about letting him have in class. But I have wondered if there's something out there he could use that would work almost as well?

Lady D and I have been putting our heads together about it and thought maybe a stop watch. But to find one that counts DOWN is difficult, and always ends up having far to many buttons to "play with"

I did find one count up stop watch that might work. It's about as simple as they come and the digital screen is nice and big. I figure maybe he could set the thing on the desk next to his paper so it's in his field of vision. Then again no matter how hard we drill it into HIS head that it's a tool not a toy it could easily become one for his classmates.

The only "count down" timer I could find that wouldn't make a huge loud noise was this one. It'd would work, and the idea for it is fun. Basically it's a white "egg" that changes color the closer you get to times up. I am nearly positive that the sound can be turned off (from reading the specs) and the size is relatively small.

Still, as with anything not attached to his body, I'm sure it would become a toy for the other kids (and Mrs S probably wouldn't appreciate me asking her to deal with that).

Which leaves the final thought/option. We've tried a watch at home, (mine), we tell him to try and finish before the watch says five minutes have passed. In order to teach him to use something like a watch we will have to spend quite a bit of time "training" him, it doesn't make noise and it isn't sitting in his line of vision... he would have to make a conscious effort to look at it and I'm not sure how long it would take to get him to do that even in a distraction filled environment.

Of course for now we'll stick to his little noisy ticking kitchen timer. He has a ways to go before he gets in the habit of racing the clock.. and he needs that before we can realistically try something quieter and less intrusive.

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Taggart said...

So, I've tried a watch, if you believe me. Well, a clock...but same sorta thing.
What my intention was, was to give myself a break only after working so many minutes, which gave me insentive to be more aware of the time...but I still had difficulty, in being aware of the timer and of staying on-task.
And this was in grad-school.
Anyway, good luck!


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