Sunday, December 14, 2008

more snow

More snow over night, and the weather people are calling for snow through the next several days. At least it finally feels like we live in Utah!

The funny thing... The night before last somebody took our driver side windshield wiper and our antenna! The Man can't get over why they would take the antenna and then the wiper off the opposite side of the car.. since wipers are good for either side. Maybe they just weren't smart enough to know that? Fortunately for us he left for drill before the snow started yesterday, and he came home after it stopped. We had to make a quick run to the store to pick up new wipers after he got home though.

The other funny thing, his units Christmas party last night was canceled (they did it because the roads would have been really slick and dangerous). . Which isn't funny in and of itself. It's kinda bah humbuggy. No the funny part is it was a pot luck party and the Man had signed us up for rolls. We now have a hundred rolls sitting on the counter that I have NO idea what to do with. I need extra big freezer zip lock bags or something so I can freeze them and pull them out every time we're invited over to dinner at the inlaws. That way I can always cheerfully volunteer to bring bread *chuckle*

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Fef said...

Over a hundred rolls hmm... I say eat sandwiches. Or make French toast? I bet there are some good desert recipes on line. I think you can do a cruton(sp?) thing with rolls to for stuffing... not to sure as I avoid the stuff.


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