Friday, December 12, 2008

Out with the old...

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning up some of the Kiddo's old things. It's time for me to bit the bullet and sells them. I really don't want to, these things have history. His pac and play (he slept in that thing for very nearly the entire first year of his life!!). His highchair (he adores it, when I pulled it out of storage he got so excited he was almost crying, "my highchair mommie, it's my highchair!! do you see it? Oh highchair I love you!". He had to help me clean it he was so excited.

His car seat he just wants to play on... he likes to sit in it and kick his feet, like it's his very own reclining chair. It cracks me up.

We're also going to see if we can sell his einstiens play mat and his crib mobile.

It really breaks my heart. The man doesn't understand why I would get so upset... the reason is twofold. First of course is the memories and the history.. and the fact that I really wanted to pass these things along to Kiddo #2 if they ever show up. Reason number two directly relates in that by selling these things I'm admitting defeat, I'm saying that we aren't going to have a kiddo #2 so I don't need to keep the stuff. Dang womanly emotions anyway. I suppose at least we'll have money to buy the Kiddo christmas presents.

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Banshie said...

I still say you were supposed to give me all those things when I finally have kids. What you don't want to just store them for that eventuality? Can't imagine why, lol.


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