Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Wednesdays Photo Prompt

Father Christmas: The fastest delivery man on the planet! Find Father Christmas in your space!
I thought he was rather appropriate considering the weather most of the country has been getting lately. Heck it even snowed in VEGAS!! Of course we happen to be located in a valley, surrounded by mountains.. but are just far enough from the mountains that we miss the snow while the city next to us gets dumped on. Party of me is cranky about that, and part of me is glad. And, the final note... this is the only Santa representation I have that the Man actually likes. Maybe because he's not wearing red?


Photographing Mom said...

Awesome looking Father Christmas.

The Man said...

Yup. Not at all interested in the fat man in red. Tacky and outdated. *chuckle* Yeah, I'M a fasion Guru. (says the guy who has worn cowboy boots with shorts, and a tank top with a suit)

Actually, I can't explain why I like this Father Christmas. Maybe it's because the silver/white gives him a purity during this over-commercialized season; Maybe it's because it LOOKS (to me, anyway) to be classical (vs just traditional); Maybe, it's something else I can't describe.

I dunno, but THIS gift-bearer ROCKS!

Not to moan about your picture for this... uh... contest?... adventure?... way to flex your creative muscles.... but....

You should REALLY take a pic of the whole Papa Clause. Not to replace the current picture you've done for the word of the day, thing... But to give your readers a more acurate picture of what he looks like (for reflection?, comparrison?, understanding of what I'm talking about? lol- ok, so the last one was selfish of me...)

Anyway, nice job Darlin'


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