Sunday, December 21, 2008


So Yesterday we went to see Santa. All morning the Kiddo was talking about how he loves Santa and we were going to go see him, and his friends, and give him a hug. I have to say I really really love the Santa they have at Cabellas.. he's perfect! He looks exactly the way he should look, and he's amazing with the kids. Somehow, no matter what expression the kids happen to have on their faces when the camera clicks, he manages to have one similar (big grin, well then he's smiling big, little half smile, then that's what he does). Anyway, the Kiddo just wanted to play with Santa's bells, which is why he wasn't quite smiling when the guy snapped the picture, but he did have a short conversation with Santa and it was really nice. I'm so glad the weather gave us a break so we could go!

For those of you on my Christmas card list you are going to be getting happy seasons cards instead... that means don't be checking your mailboxes for cards this week... with the Santa visit so late in the month there was no way I could do cards on time and have the usual pictures in them so to avoid the stress (and ensuing melt down) from trying I will attempt to get cards sent out sometime next week.

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Banshie said...

that end picture of santa giving chance a snuggly hug, thats the one i want. can you print an image from that or would it be to unfocused? i loved the video!!!! wish i could hear it, stupid no sound, made me sad though. I miss the little guy so much :)


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