Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friday photo prompt

Fridays photo prompt word was food... holiday food. I thought and thought and finally gave up. I don't know if I have any good pictures of yummy food in my easy to get to photo library, and I know I don't have any food lying around the house that induces feelings of holiday spirit. .. .. The moral of the story goes something like "ask and ye shall receive". We went to visit the inlaws yesterday evening and the Mans mom had made us some really adorable (I think) snowmen cupcakes. Oooh I thought to myself, ah HA, a food picture just waiting to happen. Don't they just make you want to bit their noses off?

Food: Christmas is traditionally a time for food aplenty, show us festive food in your space today.

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tags said...

okay, yes, i want to bite off their noses...but that's true with all things cute.
feffer's cat, for example.


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