Wednesday, December 3, 2008

decisions decisions

I've been letting the Kiddo grow his hair out for the past several months. Generally I keep it high and tight, he enjoys having the same haircut as his dad and I like how it looks. I keep seeing really adorable little boys though with longer hair so I thought I'd give it a try.

Yesterday he had a bath and I brushed his hair. Considering how long it's been growing it isn't very long at all and mostly just looks messy. So I've been trying to decide if I shouldn't just cut it... after all, Santa pictures are coming up (next weekend) and I'd like him to look his best for them. Plus I heard yesterday that one of the barber schools here is doing 5$ haircuts this weekend AND donating ALL the proceeds to buy presents for the kids at Childrens Primary Hospital. I know for sure that the Man is going to get his haircut there and am fighting with the decision.

So the question is posed to anybody who feels like giving me their two cents. Should the kiddo go back to high and tight? Or should I keep letting it grow.


360_gandering said...

longer = warmer for winter

Banshie said...

I kinda like it longer :)

Fef said...



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