Monday, December 22, 2008

Mondays Prompt: Tree

Tree: A perennial plant with a single stem or trunk and closely associated with Christmas.

I'm still not a big fan of my tree. I don't like the wide spacing between the branches. I shouldn't complain, it was free, but I still gripe about it every single year.

It does look pretty good once it's decorated though. And I like my colors, which are, rather strictly, blue, silver and white. I like how it sparkles with the lights (white and blue). The good thing about having specific colors is that in a small apartment it can get rather cluttered looking with to much.

Lady D has her tree up in her place as well, I like it, it's a beautiful tree. I love how it looks against her green walls and with her tile flooring. She is far to busy this time of year to put up her own pictures so I'll post this one for her so everyone can see it. I like her style of tree so much better then my own. But I wonder how it would go trying to string two strands on lights on it? Perhaps I should just be happy with my own little charlie brown Christmas tree and stop coveting others?


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