Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Festival of Trees

The Festival of trees was a lot of fun for us. It was 4$ each to get in (which was half of what I had prepared myself for) and worth it. We spent 3 hours walking around and looked at every single tree. The Kiddo rode in the stroller for the first half but he kept wanting to turn around and tell us something so finally I carried him for the second half (he is getting sooo heavy, he weighs 30 pounds now!!). We saw a half a dozen Utah Utes trees (at least) which the Man thought was pretty cool.

We also saw more then a few trees that made us cringe. I took pictures of a few of the trees for you guys to look at. Hmm, I hadn't realized that the ones I took were all white. A white tree properly decorated can be really really pretty. A white tree improperly decorated can be extremely NOT pretty. I think I still prefer a green tree though, it's just looks classic.

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