Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yesterday the Man came home sick. He NEVER comes home sick from work. I was immediately concerned. He threw up most of the afternoon and slept the entire rest of the time. The Kiddo and I skipped off to the store and bought several little cups of chicken noodle soup and some saltines. I also bought me a couple cups of tomato (so of course the Man ate the tomato). He has yet to wake up today (yeah, he took today off work, another thing he NEVER does) but I'm really hoping that when he does he feels better then yesterday. I'll keep you updated.

While we were at the store I remembered that the kiddo needed some new breakfast cereal. Now usually I buy him Cheerios, Chex, or Kix (he actually prefers his cereal without the funky fruit flavors or too much sugar). This time, as I was walking up and down the isle I couldn't seem to pick one. Finally after I had given up and decided not to buy him cereal at all I saw the bright blue Alphabits box!! I didn't even know they made these things still. The Kiddo was so excited he sang the alphabet song all the way to the car. I let him have a handful of them as a snack and he named almost every letter! I knew he could name about 1/3 of the alphabet but I'm starting to think maybe he can do more then that. Smart kiddo.


Banshie said...

The box looks like it is bigger than him lol

360_gandering said...

Handsome and smart! I asked my hired help to print out this pic, and plan to send it to my mom (and his, too, if he makes two copies) in a Christmas card :-)


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