Monday, March 29, 2010


Saturday we spent doing nothing. We hung out around the house, made sure the Kiddo ate a lot and drank ever more. We went outside and played starwars with the Kiddo's bike being his star fighter. Not that the Kid needed a down day, but we thought it would be good for him to have one anyway.

Sunday we treated him to his very first in theater movie! The last time I went to a movie was two years ago, the last time I went with the Man to a movie was four! We thought at this rate we'd never see a movie in theater again and it was a little depressing. So I sucked it up and decided the Kiddo is big enough that his hearing wont be permanently destroyed by a theater sound system. That and "How to Train Your Dragon" just opened and I knew the Kiddo would love it.
We told him where we were going, I said the screen was as big as our wall and his eyes got huge. He was a little confused but super excited and immediately started bouncing. We went to one of the bigger theaters near us because we wanted to have some extra space. The Kiddo is small enough they didn't make us buy him a ticket!! That was a very pleasant surprise. Apparently this theater has reserved seating, which was new to us! It was neat to be able to pick the seat and then take our time getting to it. You can even buy your tickets online! We may just have to do a family theater movie day a little more often.

The Kiddo loved the whole experience. He LOVED the movie, it was the best possible "first movie" we could have picked. He got to hold the popcorn, and ate most of it himself. I loved the movie as well, it is one we all highly suggest you go see if you want something fun. The movie nachos were as good as I remembered them, and I'm pretty sure I gained 10 pounds. When I asked him as I was tucking him in what his favorite part of the day was he said "going to see the movie in the theater, it was SO cool! Can we please do it again? And again and again and again" and he grinned at me.

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