Monday, March 1, 2010

Fridays Doc Visit

Kiddo had a pretty uneventful doc visit this past Friday. I didn't expect otherwise, it was with his pediatrician and was a well child visit.

The good:

-33lbs 37 5/8ths

-He's current with his shots so there was absolutely no needle poking!

-Doc echoed our thoughts on keeping him out of school for a bit longer. She agreed that another year of growth and physical development would help a lot with him making friends and that holding him back wouldn't hurt him a bit.

The bad:

-She asked us what we were doing to help him improve with his physical issues (not skipping yet, or jumping, coordination, etc). I felt like I was hit in the gut. I mean yes, the reason he isn't in a tumbling class is a good one, no car to get him there!! But still, to know that something like that is "needed" and then to be asked by your doctor why you aren't doing it!! We told her that we would try to get him into a class like that for this coming year.

-They expected him to pee in a cup! We didn't know so, as usual, we had him pee before leaving the house. Yeah, he told us flat out "there's no water in there" so they were kinda s.o.l. on it.


This coming Friday (the 5th) we have our next Endo appt. I think this is when we find out if he's grown enough within the past year to continue to avoid growth hormones. I think he has (even though it was just an inch) so am feeling optimistic.

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