Tuesday, March 23, 2010

But coats keep you warm..

It snowed last night, it's still on the ground outside. Intellectually I know that it will melt pretty quickly today but I couldn't help but giggle while I watched the landscaping guys go around and fertilize the grass right over top of the snow.

The Kiddo said he really really wanted to go outside and make snow angels. Because angles can fly, and coats will keep us warm. So I asked him what was going to keep my nose warm? And he said "well, they make nose coats you know... it's like this (and he balled his little fist up to form a cup) and it will keep the snow from getting on your nose ... except when I throw snowballs at you!" And then he laughed like a loon.

Yeah we're staying in today, I don't need snowballs tossed at my nose. Especially snowballs filled with fertilizer!

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