Thursday, March 18, 2010

And so it goes..

We got the call from the Endocrinologists office yesterday. As expected the Kiddo's first round of blood work (to test to see if he needs growth hormone shots) did not give good results. The nurse told us we needed to set up the in hospital workup. She called our insurance company for us to confirm that the tests are covered, and to get the pre-authorization number. I thought that was amazingly helpful of her to do.

The testing is schedule for next Friday (the 26th) and we will go in at 8am. We will be there until approximately 2pm. They will insert an IV in his arm and leave it there for the duration of the test. He will be given a pill, then have blood drawn at intervals to test the levels of hormone. The testing itself lasts four hours so we'll be taking a couple movies, all his Tag books, and his cyber pocket game system. I'm really glad we have so many portable things to help keep him entertained.

The Kiddo is not supposed to eat anything from midnight the night before until the tests are done so I think we'll take him out for fast food afterwords. It's not really the healthiest, or the cheapest but it's quick and easy and a rare treat for him.

updates as I get them, of course.

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