Thursday, March 18, 2010

This one's for the Man

The other day we were randomly pulled over and after we started driving again we somehow got onto the topic of police cars. We talked about how some of them had the new Dodge car and how we'd heard that didn't like it. Which I thought was odd, how could you NOT like the Charger... I decided it was because some people don't like to change and for them what "was" will always be better then what is new.

So today I was looking over the news and saw this article and it made me think of that conversation and I thought not only might the Man be interested but some of you might be too.

I'll admit it, I think I'll always have a little warm n fuzzy place for the Taurus.

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C said...

We've had so many Tauruses (plus the Sable) that getting into one feels right - like putting on a broken-in pair of shoes - but I can't think of the current "Taurus" as a real Taurus. For me it will always be an impostor wearing the Taurus name.

I felt sad when Ford dropped the Taurus because they thought it had been around so long that it had developed a stuffy image and couldn't attract their target demographic (the younger buyer who buys a new car more frequently). But they had this other car design that was about the same size and ready for production, so five years ago they dumped the old Taurus and brought out the "Five Hundred" to appeal to the more modern car shopper. It didn't sell very well. After two years, someone got the bright idea that enough time had passed that the general public wouldn't remember that Taurus equaled stuffy. They took the "Five Hundred" name off their new model and slapped the "Taurus" name on, hoping name recognition would increase sales. It worked.

Maybe over time the old Taurus would have morphed into the same car as today's "Taurus". It's probably just silly (or stubborn) sentiment that keeps me thinking of it as a Five Hundred. Well, I'm content being silly and stubborn, and this new Ford vehicle just isn't a Taurus ... not a real one (whatever that is).

But as a police car it seems pretty cool :-)


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