Friday, March 19, 2010


Last Friday, as you know, I went to the eye doctor. I did the whole eye exam thing, along with a contact exam. It ended up costing me 40 bucks, but then again my insurance paid for the other 80 so I suppose I still made out on top.

While waiting for my eyes to dilate I found the most amazing frames! I DO need new glasses, the ones I have are a good 8 years old and give me a headache to wear for more then a few hours. Still my "old" eyes have trouble with contacts all the time so I end up splitting the day between the glasses and contacts and sometimes that's more of a pain then it's worth.

Anyway the frames I fell in love with are brown/black on the outside and spring green on the inside. They are plastic frames and very VERY cute. I think they look spunky on me and would love to get them. We can't really afford to get me new glasses right now so I had the tech put all the info into my file so later when we do get that extra couple hundred bucks all I have to do is call and order them.

I took some pictures of them today when I went in to pick up my contacts. I even tried to take a picture of them on me, forgive the crappy angle and the grainy picture I had to take it of myself via mirror. I love them more every time I see them...

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