Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maintenance or the lack of

I've been holding steady. Well, truth be told I gained two pounds this past year. But that's pretty close to holding steady so I'm counting it as such.

Lately I've been dreaming about my Grandma. How does this even kind of go with the topic at hand? Well when I wake up I am always left with a feeling of being there. I spent several months with her, years ago, when she was recovering from surgery. I used to run at night, I'd strap in my ear phones and go... then when I got back to her house I'd sit in the living room with her and ice my ankle and just be. It was a good feeling, comfortable. So that's the feeling I've been waking up with, I think it's because I've been leaving the window open at night and the cool air reminds me of running at night in Florida in the winter. So, maintenance be darned... I am going to be trying to do the Couch to 5k program.. which, if I'm lucky, my old geezer lazy bones body will be able to handle AND should probably cause me to drop a couple pounds as well. And ultimately it'll get me running again, which can't be a bad thing.

Now on to the real reason for this blog. My last gasp of freedom. My "add 10 pounds with one bite" food splurge. I am going to make cookies. I know that seems like a reasonable thing to do... After all, eaten in moderation, cookies aren't really all that bad a thing. But THESE cookies. I think they're gonna be my downfall. Brownies, with chocolate chip cookies baked on top? and a praline layer in between. Yeah, they're gonna get gobbled.

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Taggart said...

Couch to 5k program?
I want in.

...p.s. why isn't it 5km? That's bothered me a lot. 'Though I'd TOTALLY do a "Couch to 5Kl" instead. I'm thinking chocolate milk.


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