Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do Re Me

Sew ... So I've been sewing. A few months ago I made Lady D a bag for her Nook. Then, I upgraded my design and made one for my friend several weeks ago. My mother in law saw it and thought it was great so when she received her own Nook earlier this month she requested that I make her one as well.

She sugested that I make several and put them up for sale. I've heard that before from other places (with other things) but I'm not very enthusiastic on the idea. Yes it would be a work from home job, and yes I could possibly make some money from it. But it's very hard to sell something like this for an amount that would make it worthwhile. The thing takes me about 7 hours to make, 2 of those hours are spent hand stitching. The pieces don't cost all that much, maybe 20 bucks. But what do I price it at to pay myself for the hours of work? There's that, and the fact that I get bored. I really enjoy making the first few of anything new, experimenting and inventing a pattern that works and looks good. But once those first ones are done, and I've got the process down, I get bored and it takes me longer and longer to get it finished. I can't imagine making a ton of them to sell. And the last big reason I don't like to do things "to order" is because I always worry that it wont be what that person expected. My vision and other peoples aren't always the same. Making it to give as a gift is stressful enough, but if they were paying I think I'd go nuts second guessing myself on if it was good enough.

Anyway for my MIL I had all the materials and put one together for her yesterday. Extra thick batting quilted into the inside super soft fleece, a micro suede on the outside, with a magnetic close button. I think it turned out pretty well. It's almost identical to the one I made for myself (mine has green on the inside, and blue side panels vs maroon). I hope she likes it!

I think I will make one more bag (so that Lady D has one of the new improved design) and then move on to other things.


C said...

So it has a winter coat to keep it warm ... Are you going to make it a bikini or sundress for summer?

Gwyneth said...

I SO should, I could get clear plastic for the "bag" part and sew into it a bikini shaped fabric pattern. That would entertaining as heck! I DO like how your mind works hehe


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