Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates etc

I finally got motivated enough to set myself an eye doctor appointment. I've been so focused on the Kiddo that every time I think of doing it I put it aside for "later" and it never gets done. I desperately need new contacts and my glasses are about 8 years old and give me a headache to wear for more then a few hours. I go in tomorrow and it will be interesting to be able to see again..

Speaking of Doctors... The Kiddo had his Endo appointment last Friday. Basically he hasn't grown enough this past year to make the doc happy so we are doing tests to see if he requires help via growth hormone shots. That meant blood work and another bone age x-ray. We did both on Friday directly after the appointment. They should have had the results of the x-ray earlier this week sometime but will not get the blood work results until the end of next week earliest. Depending on the results of that blood work we may need to do an in the hospital 4 hour blood test (taking his blood at intervals to more exactly measure how much growth hormone he is producing). Doc seemed pretty sure we'd end up doing the shots, but wants to make sure we do all the correct testing first. I appreciate that, much as I am worried about what insurance will and will not cover I want to make absolutely sure that we need to do extra meds vs just doing them.

Of course all this makes me want to curl up with my Nook and a rather large bag of peanut m&m's and tune the world out. That would be rather counter productive to my weight loss goal. Still, what's one day of binge m&m eating?...

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