Monday, June 27, 2011

Dreams and Perspective

Adults and kids see things differently, this is something that is made apparent to me several times a day through things the kid says and does.

6-26-2011 lion

The other evening we sat down and watched Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The man wasn’t feeling well so he went to bed halfway through. The kiddo wasn’t feeling well either so he crawled into my lap and half slept through it. We finished the movie and then I put him to bed and went to bed myself. That night I had a crazy dream…

It started out as a really great dream. The Man, myself and the Kiddo were in the woods (I don’t know where) and a door to Narnia opened in front of us. I thought instantly how very cool it was going to be to live there, so beautiful and simple.

As we all started walking through the doorway I had the realization that we couldn’t live there because if we did I would have no way of getting the Kiddo his medications. The doorway was fading and I struggled to get the Man and the Kiddo to understand WHY we had to go back quickly enough that we could still make it.

Yesterday the Kiddo and I were hanging out and I told him about the dream. He said it sounded like a really great dream and he would love to go to Narnia. I told him that we couldn’t get his medicines in Narnia so we would just have to stay here. He rolled his eyes at me and said “mom, they have magic in Narnia, I wouldn’t NEED my medicines because they could just make me not need them anymore.” Somehow I didn’t even think of the magic, silly me…

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Taemin said...

Yeah, I'm not convinced this is a difference between adults and children. This is the difference between you and the kiddo.
Cuz first, magic was the FIRST thing I thought of. Though I couldn't figure out exactly how he'd be cured of his medicine-addiction (one of Santa's gifts, maybe? or licked by Aslan? or a drop from Lucy's magic potion?). Maybe you should ask him.
And second, Chance tends to do and say things that...well, assuming you're a good documentarian, they just don't seem to happen with the kids I've worked with. Not usually.
I.E. He's different.


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