Thursday, June 9, 2011

Clean dog


Dog shampoo has never been a good thing for me. Over the years I’ve tried several brands and types, every one makes me sneeze and itch. When we got cupcake I went and purchased an all natural avocado “anti allergy” shampoo and tried to use it, until the smell wore off I sneezed every time she came near me. I had to scrub my hands in lemon juice to get the smell off enough that I could stand to have them near my face. Since then I haven’t washed her, she’s been to the groomer (holy cow expensive) but that’s about it.

IMG_20110609_110331Finally I decided that while I cannot afford to have a groomer wash her once a month stinky dog smell isn’t all that grate either so I had to try again. I did some Google searching but couldn’t find anything discussing people allergies to dog shampoo, maybe I’m the only one with this problem?

I ended up trying earthbath, it is supposed to smell like cherries and has about four ingredients in it. It soaped up nicely, and smelled good (a very light scent), even better it rinsed clean easily, and didn’t leave my hands itching or smelling like anything! Her coat is far cleaner then it was before, and I’m keeping this shampoo on my list of doggie must haves.

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