Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer distractions

The Kiddo has been out of school for all of three days and I’m feeling it already. Sunday I spent trying to get a paper done for class, he was bored and doing his best to distract me..

6-6-2011 puppet theater

It worked a little to well, I went to bed Sunday night with only a title page and intro paragraph finished.

Monday I ‘suffered’ through more distraction but managed to finish the paper by 4pm anyway.

Yesterday was warm and the Kiddo really wanted to go swimming. I like the idea and fully intend to take him, walking or standing for long periods of time make his feet hurt still. I’m not sure if that type of pain is normal or not but either way swimming will be a good way to get his legs into shape. Of course the suit he wore last summer hadn’t a prayer of fitting so we went shopping..

6-7-2011 swimsuit shopping

He fell in love with the swim shorts, Lightning McQueen(!!), how could I not get them for him? He wears a 5T in pants, but I wasn’t sure if that size would fit right in shorts so I let him try them on (which he thought was fun). I couldn’t decide if a rash guard was needed or not but I let him try one of those on as well. Once we was outfitted he told me to be perfect he needed some new lightning shoes (he had red crocks a couple years ago that my sister bought for him, along with little Lightning McQueen gibits).

This afternoon it’s supposed to be a little cool with rain showers so I’m not sure we’ll go out, but if we do I’ll take pictures.

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Taemin said...

Ah! I figured it out! The kiddo was reminding me of someone...Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle!
I wonder if he can do Dewey's dance:

Anyway, he certainly has the enthusiasm, but I think it'll be awhile before he makes it anywhere in the entertainment industry. :P


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